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Track Visitors from Your E-Newsletters

Have you ever used e-mail newsletters to keep your name in front of prospects and customers? A well-written newsletter to the right audience will drive qualified traffic to your website, and keep you top-of-mind with existing relationships. The problem is knowing if it generated interest or ended up in the "delete" file.

With Insite Metrics, you'll know exactly who opened your e-newsletter, who clicked on which links, and everything they did once they got to your website. What's it worth to know instantly that Harry, a Ace Widgets buyer, clicked on your link to the "Widget Accessories" page of your site, and stayed there for a few minutes? Perhaps Harry should be getting an e-mail or call tomorrow offering him 10 percent off his widget accessory needs.

Insite Metrics gives you the ability to tailor your interaction to a qualified individual's specific interest ... that's the power of true one-to-one marketing.

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